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ADream is an advertising agency that offers publishers and advertisers a way to optimize their online traffic. Advertisers can find quality performance able to provide a great return on investment. We provide full assistance and step-by-step guides in order to help even newbies start off with the best campaigns possible for their offerings. Publishers have a chance to make money thanks to our optimization of their advertising space with high-performing and customizable campaigns.



ADream will take care of the set-up material and support, activation and optimization process.
You’ll be able to choose between a variety of campaigns, both for desktops and mobile devices, which are fit for specialized traffic coming from over 100 countries.






Global Marketing

Our team is available to help you to increase your profit with traffic from any nation: in fact, our collaborations extend to advertisers and partners all over the world. Within the panel you’ll be able to choose from campaigns that between the sources of traffic country and categories, a presence of high quality campaigns will be offered exclusive payout.









Another important task of our editors is to monitor traffic volume and behavior. AffiliationDream’s tracking system, which was personalized and realized by our team, allows tracking accuracy of 99%: this way the publisher will see immediate feedback on their current campaigns






Adream expertise is at the service of advertisers too. A careful analysis of the campaign, as well as other online marketing services, will allow for the best possible promotion of each campaign. The advertiser will be able to see trend analysis of the campaign through the live panel. Our collaboration involves advertisers all over the world, promising satisfying results. Each advertiser’s offerings are provided only to selected publishers from our curated list, in order to generate a more focused and profitable traffic.


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